The Eyes Of My Mother - Waxwork Records Vinyl Release - 2018
deluxe double LP in two variants on 180g vinyl

Composed by Ariel Loh, the score to The Eyes Of My Mother is dark, haunting, and atmospheric. Composed entirely on vintage, modded analog synthesizers, the score effectively presents a tune drifting, ghostly, and often beautiful collection of compositions that captures the lead characters psychosis and devolvement.

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"Composer Ariel Loh’s eerie synths display electronic music’s capacity to further unnerve already tense cinematic experiences, evoking Oneohtrix Point Never’s work on Good Time and the dronescapes on the revitalized Twin Peaks, or even A Nightmare on Elm Street (with a lot less cheese)." - Tiny Mixtapes

"the disturbing, synthesizer musical score from composer Ariel Loh acts as a unifying character to help weave a nightmarish descent into the killer's deranged psyche." - SYFY

The Eyes Of My Mother - directed by Nicolas Pesce - 2016
original film score, premiered at Sundance Film Festival

"blessed with a groaning-to-droning score by Ariel Loh that suggests complete psychic breakdown" - Rolling Stone

"The buzzing synths and rattling winds of Ariel Loh’s alien-electro score segue most disarmingly into a selection of lush Portuguese fado ballads, steering viewers in and out of our anti-heroine’s warped perspective on the horror before her." - Variety

"Ariel Loh’s minimalist, quietly sinister score helps to further suggest the right tone" - Hollywood Reporter

"propelled by Ariel Loh’s wheezing drones and radiant, twinkling synth tones" - Paste Magazine

"Ariel Loh provides an eerie electric score that feels unsettlingly disconnected from the action" - Film Comment

"cool and distant" - BBC Radio 3, Sound Of Cinema