Stone Cold Fox - Buffalo (Single) - 2016
production, engineering, mixing, synths/keys, mastering - recorded at Stone Studio

Stone Cold Fox - Tunnel Vision (EP) - 2016
co-writing, synths, production, engineering, mixing - recorded at Stone Studio
mastered by Justin Coletti

Premiered via Consequence of Sound

"basks in a haze of guitar effects and subtle performances, proving that {it} can sound subdued without feeling lethargic" - AV Club

"blurs the lines between electronic and indie, creating a very pleasing, enticing sound" - Noisey

Stone Cold Fox - Memory Palace (LP) - 2014
co-writing, synths, production, engineering (except "Seventeen", produced by Joel Hamilton), mixing - recorded at Stone Studio
mastered by Joe Lambert

"The entire album seems like an impeccable pairing for summer car rides, barbecues, and beach days." - AV Club

"purveyors of high quality indie rock" - American Songwriter

"the electric elements present in the keyboard and guitars merged flawlessly with the raw vocals and punchy beat" - Best New Bands

Stone Cold Fox - The Young (EP) - 2012
production, synths, engineering, mixing - recorded at Stratosphere Sound
mastered by Jonathan Jetter

"There are some records you bring along for a hike through your day, and a precious few that grab you by the hand and lead you down their own path for the time it takes to listen through,  'The Young EP' possesses such a power." - The Deli Magazine