The Eyes Of My Mother - directed by Nicolas Pesce - 2016
original film score, premiered at Sundance Film Festival

"blessed with a groaning-to-droning score by Ariel Loh that suggests complete psychic breakdown" - Rolling Stone

"The buzzing synths and rattling winds of Ariel Loh’s alien-electro score segue most disarmingly into a selection of lush Portuguese fado ballads, steering viewers in and out of our anti-heroine’s warped perspective on the horror before her." - Variety

"Ariel Loh’s minimalist, quietly sinister score helps to further suggest the right tone" - Hollywood Reporter

"propelled by Ariel Loh’s wheezing drones and radiant, twinkling synth tones" - Paste Magazine

"Ariel Loh provides an eerie electric score that feels unsettlingly disconnected from the action" - Film Comment

"cool and distant" - BBC Radio 3, Sound Of Cinema